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5200 Lakeshore Road

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Cedar Creek Park

This is currently the only beach access dog park available in Kelowna. The upper section of this park has a few separate picnic areas, it is fairly bare and is not fenced. Trails lead down the mountainside to the lower section, which is a long narrow pebble beach with picnic areas dotting the perimeter. It is partially fenced and partially enclosed by an embankment.

***Please note: The northern end of this beach is sometimes utilized as a nude beach.

An outhouse and dog bag dispenser are available on-site. Dogs are welcome to run freely off-leash provided they are under owner’s control and cleaned up after.

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By hershey on 5 October, 2011 @ 10:11 am

This park is outstanding for beach access and spaciousness. There are many intimidating looking dogs that come here but I have only met one that wasn'

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